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Learned a cool new word today - glissade. That's the technical term for sliding down a mountain on your ass.

My cat in addition to being able to shed three times her weight in fur daily, has unusual tastes. She likes oatmeal, but only Maple and Brown Sugar flavor from Quaker. She likes fat-free vegetarian bean dip. But her absolute favorite, as far as I can tell, is the Petromalt hairball remedy. Considering #1 above, this is a good thing... except that she would eat the entire tube, if I let her. After I've given her the requisite dose, she spends the next 45 minutes coming back and pestering me for more. And should I be so foolish as to leave the tube where she can get it, she will attempt to chew her way into it. Fortunately this makes a fairly distinctive noise, allowing me to detect and thwart.

I am thoroughly thankful that June is over. In some ways I'd prefer to go on about my business as though it never happened. Start again in neutral, so to speak.

I am now devoid of any non-pigmented ornamentation, preparatory to Friday. It's a little strange - I used to wear a number of rings in and on various places, but as the weight has gone, so have they... Small sacrifice for a Kevlar tummy, though. Heh.

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