Joy (cithra) wrote,

Monday report

Lucy does not care for wrinkles. She has a favorite fleece blanket to sleep on, whether it is on my lap or merely on the couch, but she will complain and sit on the edge if it gets rucked up and isn't lying spread-out flat or folded. Yup, she's a cat all right.

I am a little under the weather today, but for the regular reasons. I anticipate napping later. I can't recall any commitments and my calendar is empty of even just reminders-to-self, so if you're expecting me for something, please get in touch. :)

Some time between now and tomorrow afternoon's meetup I need to unearth my knitting & crochet needles. Yarn, yarn everywhere and I have no idea where the movers packed the other bits. The group blurb says 'all fiber artists welcome' so I suppose I could just show up and do finger chains... Heh. Nothing like making an eccentric first impression! I have a good idea of where to look, though, so I'm not too worried.

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