Joy (cithra) wrote,

in which I am at least early, if embarrassingly so

So... part of the fallout from my depression over the last ten years or so has been the gradual and deliberate distancing of myself from my friends and from social activities in general. I am now working to reverse this trend, although it's difficult.

This is why I have joined a couple of Meetups - one for writers that I thought met today at 11am. Well, at least I got the day correct... it is at 2pm. Fortunately I can noodle around on the internet for hours at a time, so I anticipate being here still at the appropriate hour. Argh.

I'm also going to try getting together with a knitting group next week that meets on Tuesday afternoons. I keep finding out about these things the day after they happen! Fortunately Revolutions Espresso & Bakery hosts both, and is mere steps from my apartment. [Oh, and according to their sign they are serving Herkamer Coffee these days, for those who were part of that conversation the other day...]

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