Joy (cithra) wrote,

borrow borrow borrow

Thursday will be nice, as theoretically that is when our internet gets connected. I will feel less like a leech with my own feed. Yes, I buy coffee or proffer my witty conversation in barter, but I also enjoy answering my email in my pajamas, at hours of the night when neither coffee-shops nor understanding and generous friends wish to be engaged. I am working on being patient. (Some might call that my magnum opus...)

Enjoyed a delightful breakfast on 10/10/10 with what I am coming to think of as the North Seattle Neighbors group; cjo served us delicious savory squash crepes, among other dishes. I am never disappointed when she and uly offer to share their culinary experiments. I might have otherwise looked askance at squash as a filling; ok, a few years ago I tended to look askance at squash as edible, period. But I have been pleasantly surprised in the interim, and this was really tasty. The conversation was great as well. I've missed hanging out with my friends, just socializing, far more than I'd allowed myself to realize. I may be the three-sigma introvert (thanks mcjulie) but I'm still a social primate too. It's good to be back in touch with my chosen clan.

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