Joy (cithra) wrote,


We are moved. We are not quite reconnected; I am at the gelato shop around the corner - the Greenlake Bottega Italiana using their free WiFi and enjoying their delicious coffee. Still best to get in touch with me by text or telephone. I can read my email on my phone with relative ease, but it is difficult to reply thusly. (I only have a semi-smart phone, I guess, in a manner of speaking.) So if I don't have much internet presence at the moment, that's why. I'm still open to invitations and so forth from Seattle friends. :)

We are unpacking. Movers were a good choice, yet they had some odd quirks. Everything went into boxes, even some empty boxes (that is, plastic storage crates) that I thought they had agreed to put clothes into. The kitchen trash can (without its contents, thankfully) went into a box. (Ew.) My laundry bag? In a box. My guess is the reasoning is geometrical: if everything is in boxes, you can stack it in the truck. [Sort of like the reasoning behind the semi-mythical square tomato.] Still, given the choice between spending time retrieving extra boxes and just putting the stuff that can stand alone in the truck in the truck standing alone... I don't know. ::shakes head:: They are supposed to retrieve the empty boxes - well, yesterday, so perhaps were would be a better verb - which will be nice, when it happens.

I watched myself go thru the resultant move-related round of stress reactions while at the same time being unable to do much about them beyond holding still and avoiding choices that would have a negative impact on the situation. It wasn't fun, although I suppose I can at least file it under 'educational'. Stayed sober. Go me.
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