Joy (cithra) wrote,

moving! update

I'm selling my queen foam-mattress platform bed: ad on craigslist.

Can't remember if I've posted it on LJ or not before, but we got the apartment we wanted, in Greenlake, in the same complex as uly and cjot. We move at the turn of the month, which is turning out to be quite the interesting proposition. The current occupants (to the best of our knowledge) are not showing signs of being out before the end of the month - I don't blame them, but it means finding a way to get our things out of this place on the 30th September without being able to put them in the new place before October 1st. Which dates also happen to be Thursday & Friday - meaning faintheart has to figure out whether or not he needs to ask for time off from work. Do we put everything in a uHaul truck overnight? Pay some exorbitant price for a few extra days here? Cram it all into the storage unit somehow? If we store it, where do we stash ourselves and the cat overnight? Argh.

I'm sure everything will work itself out - well, pretty sure at least. I doubt there will be problems that can't be solved by throwing money at them in some way, I just wish there was more available to throw.
Tags: angst, housing

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