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there and back again

That was a fairly entertaining way to spend the morning. I donned my lovely pink triangle shirt that faintheart made for me a while back - thought about wearing it as a dress (it's a little voluminous these days) but decided to go with jeans and boots - then wandered on out to the hill. Stopped by Aurafice for coffee, then wandered up to Broadway and started down toward Volunteer Park, paralleling the parade. I eat my words - they must have started fairly close to on time, though I caught up to the beginning of the parade just about by the time I got to the park. Wandered around the booths for a while - look ma! it's the queer county fair! - narrowly avoiding being briefed, harangued, enrolled, registered and handbilled; got a vegetarian tamale that was lackluster enough to make me think I could construct something just as good myself that I wouldn't have to pick raw deadly nightshade relatives out of. Then I wandered back down the other side of the street, passed the end of the parade at SCCC, hit Aurafice for an Italian soda, and home. A nice walk - the jury's still out on whether I managed to pick up a sunburn. If I did it's minor; I kept to the shade and did the sunscreen thing, but I've got that pale Celtic skin that burns easily. "Look, a stray photon! *sizzle*"

Saw a fair number of people I knew, though not all of them saw me - Ninja Joy! Well, more likely the parade had a number of entries that were pretty distracting. I'm sure there were folks there I didn't see - never did run across rwx and his crew, for example. Some of that was the sheer number of people, some of it was for a fair bit of my stroll I was threading my way through clumps of people and my concentration was elsewhere. I think I like being tiny - all I had to do was keep moving forward, and for the most part I was able to keep moving. The one time I got stuck at all I half-shouted "More through and less fare!" and people actually got moving again. It was cool to be able to slip around people adroitly - I'm not used to that at all. I'm more used to gathering myself in as much as possible and still bumping into folks. It was a nice change, and made the whole horde of people much easier to bear.

Lots of gorgeous people, lots of gorgeous tattoos, lots of leather (of course). Saw someone who looked like C-ko marching in the parade that I'm pretty sure was her; saw someone who looked like Amber Benson marching in the parade that I'm pretty sure wasn't. There were pipers! *swoon* It rained a bit at the end, sporadically. Ran across a booth for the Church of Joy, but they didn't seem interested in turning over the reins. Avoided collecting any trinkets - although I might should have grabbed a pen, since mine went walkabout somewhere along the line.

Now I'm about ready for a nap.

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