Joy (cithra) wrote,

today's adventure

faintheart and I are going out to Look For Housing. 2br, takes cats, on transit lines are the absolute requirements. Prefer laundry in unit but will take onsite. Greenlake or North Seattle is where we want to be; though if a really sweet deal elsewhere presented itself we would of course at least consider it. $1000 or less for rent, although we are seeing lots of ads in the $890s so that's cool, for once.

We have an appointment to see one place, but I also want to just look for signs in yards and windows. We are good tenants, with references... so I don't anticipate a lot of hassle, I just am at a really low energy point. Ted is going to have to do the heavy lifting on this, I'm afraid. My brain is just not cooperating.

Wish us luck.
Tags: housing, mental health

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