Joy (cithra) wrote,

still quiet, still tired

Been napping a lot during the day, again - but still sleeping soundly at night, so I'm not oversleeping. It's a side effect of my current antidepressant, and I am for the moment willing to live with it. Exercise tends to perk me up, so I've been making the extra effort to drag myself to our regular workout sessions and have been rewarded. The rest of the week I take walks, with variable energy return. I suspect I'm still ameliorating various vitamin deficiencies as well. That and keeping my protein levels up are constant battles.

May try to get to the Bellevue Arts Museum this weekend for artsfair. Also I was reminded that I haven't seen any of the outdoor Shakespeare summer offerings this year. I feel like I'm forgetting plans I've made for this weekend but suspect it's merely the relentless advertising for the San Diego Comic Con I've been awash in all month. Still, if I did already promise to do something with any of you, forgive me and send me a reminder, eh? Thanks.
Tags: exercise, health, meds, mental health

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