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a very good day

Yesterday was, despite some bumps, a very good day. Bite of Seattle, Inception at the IMAX, Bite of Seattle and home. I managed not to become over-stressed by the crowds of people. I enjoyed the food I ate (even when it fought back). I think something like the BoS works for me if it isn't a destination - we simply ate at it like a giant food court on our way to and from the movie.

Inception was brilliant. First movie I've gone to in ages with actual expectations that fulfilled them without disappointment. I was a touch worried because I had seen so many trailers - I'd stopped watching them, in fact - and was concerned that more of the movie than would be enjoyable had been revealed. Not so. Intricate, beautiful, deft. I may have to go back and watch that damn Batman movie of Nolan's after all. I swore off Batman movies after the first two a zillion years ago, but as I say, I may have to change my mind. Wheels within wheels... as faintheart kept quoting at me.

The only downside was eating food that made me ill, against my better judgement. This has been happening more lately, even with theoretically paying better attention to my eating patterns at the suggestion of our personal trainer. I may be getting more sensitive to certain things and ingredients again, I suppose. I was told, all those years ago when I had my gastric bypass surgery, that similar things could happen. Being peri-menopausal surely doesn't help matters, bringing as it has increased sensitivity to smell and a tendency to nausea.
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