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Saturday, Sunday

Saturday was a great day, even if it did end in pain. cjot called and invited us to meet for coffee/lunch with her and uly, with perfect timing on our part - we hadn't just already eaten, we were both up and ready to get moving, and we made the bus with time to spare. We met at Memo's Mexican Restaurant in the U district, and my tostada was exactly what I wanted: just beans, lettuce and two perfectly crisped tortillas. I like simple, plain food as much as I like complexly spiced and flavored food, but it's hard to find places where they don't make you argue if you want them to provide it. Memo's lets you spice your own, or not, and I like that.

It was even better to see C & U again. I miss being roommates with them profoundly. The cool thing is we are looking at moving into their apartment complex, which I think would be the best of both worlds. We had a great time catching up, just hanging out. After Memo's we walked over to Full Tilt Ice Cream for dessert. I was very impressed with my tastes of the different flavors - blackberry cinnamon was really lovely.

We parted ways as T & I needed to go downtown to find a kiosk to reload our ORCA passes. I love the ORCA cards but the system still has some kinks that make it quite frustrating. The kiosks are the most efficient way to reload the cards, but are only available (so far) at the train stations, like in the downtown tunnel. Yes, you can reload your card online, but the $$/pass doesn't actually show up on your card until a minimum of 24 hours (possibly more) has passed, plus you don't know whether it's happened until you use your card. The kiosk increments the changes right away, and you can tell whether the transaction was successful. Anyway, even the kiosks can be touchy at times, and after wrestling with an uncooperative one Saturday afternoon, we were cranky as well as warm, so we decided to go see a movie.

Predators was better than I expected, in a 'better than it had any right to be' way, considering what has been done with the franchise. T & I agreed it was as good as the first one. We had the opportunity to compare yesterday when Syfy threw a double-feature of the Alien vs. Predator movies, and surfing over to check them out during commercials confirmed my decisions not to have bothered to see them. But Predators was worth seeing. I was reminded that Robert Rodriguez is an excellent and thorough producer.

We stopped in Barnes & Noble on the way out and grabbed a copy of Carrie Vaughn's new paperback Kitty Goes to War which both of us have been awaiting. Then we took ourselves home, by way of dinner at a new restaurant in the neighborhood called India King, in the old Black Angus building. It was fantastic, but I am not finding a page for a link. I expect we will go back. A sign in the other half of the remodeled building promises a Mongolian hot pot restaurant, too, and I'm hoping it opens before we move.

The only downside of the day was being so tired when I got home that I got tangled up and caught my big toe in my pajama pant-legs. I tripped and wrenched it pretty severely. It's still warm and painful after a day of icing, as are a couple of the other places I banged up catching myself. I know toes are trouble (I've broken one before) so depending on how tonight's work-out goes I'll probably be taking myself to the clinic for professional examination of one sort or another. It made yesterday an extra-mellow day, icing my toe, watching bad tv, and hanging out with my brother & cat. Overall though, a good weekend.
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