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Another reason I write, or write things down, is I forget. Partly because my days have a certain sameness to them, but partly because I just don't always remember things. At this point I've accumulated enough organic and inorganic possible causes that I don't usually tend to be bothered by it, I just use the tricks or tools I've developed to combat it.

This morning, for example, the process went something like this: I recalled that I had meant to write an entry about something. Probably just what-I-did on Thursday and Friday. I'm pretty sure I went to the library both days; I know I went yesterday because yesterday afternoon I read (and enjoyed) Laurel K. Hamilton's Bullet in one fell swoop. I know I went out for a walk both days... I was pretty sure I hadn't written anything either day.

So I checked LJ, and found I had written an entry on Thursday after all, which jogged my memory that no, I had not gone to the library that day - I'd gone out, but decided to go see a movie (Knight and Day) instead of going to pick up my library book. Then I met my brother for dinner. A couple of fairly significant events that I honestly could not bring to mind until I'd gone back and looked at my journal. Reading what I'd written, then I remembered what I'd done after I'd posted it and for the rest of the day.

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