Joy (cithra) wrote,

Okay, so they aren't coming until 1pm. More narrative for you, I'm sure you are thrilled.

I am starting to think I've tipped over toward OCD in the sense of being unable to make some decisions. I fall behind and then feel overwhelmed and have a tendency to walk away from projects. I have hoarding tendencies that I really fight with - I fantasize about living in a hotel room at times because there wouldn't be all this stuff that might be useful, or simply reminds me of something/someone. I read faintheart a quote this morning that now of course I can't find about how you sit down to sort or clean and just end up with new piles...

Clearly I need to find a new counselor, if only to avoid internet-based over-self-diagnosis.

I tell you the sun helps, even with the panic. As the morning has progressed and more and more light is coming in thu the windows, I feel exponentially better. Anyone need renters in the sun?

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