Joy (cithra) wrote,

disjointed privacy thoughts

What I find the most interesting about the Facebook Privacy Issue is it brings into the open something people have traditionally tacitly acknowledged but usually verbally denied: prejudice and hypocrisy, in all their hydra glory.

The story has always been the lies "it's what inside that counts," "don't judge a book by its cover," "if you can do the work, it doesn't matter where you come from," "truth matters." Instead, it's being made utterly clear that surface and appearance are the most important.

Does it matter that everyone makes silly mistakes in youth? No, what matters is that you let yours get recorded. On the internet. Or where-ever. Instead of acknowledging diversity the prevailing tenor is all about how important the need to be able to hide is.

I support people's right to privacy. But I'd rather teachers be allowed to have their private lives and be respected without having to keep them off line. I'd prefer a society where if a potential employer saw my movie recommendations they were capable of evaluating my ability to do my job separately from my personal proclivities.

The way the current privacy debate seems to be playing out makes it sound like it's my job to hide my true self and the problem is Facebook and company aren't allowing me to do that. That's anathema to me.

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. The implication that I need to keep secrets about myself to make myself palatable to friends, employers, the government... I don't like it. Someone once told me "never put in writing anything you don't want read back to you in court," and I accepted that I could live in mental gulag or I could expect people to respect me without regard to what I'd written or said. Be held accountable, sure, but not be unreasonably prejudiced against.

Forget, I do, that we are stupid social primates just throwing poo.

(And people wonder why I get suicidal? Feh.)

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