Joy (cithra) wrote,

Last week the trip to the Puyallup Spring Fair to see the dancing horses was derailed by the car overheating. We had made it to the area of the fairgrounds but missed the proper exit; getting off to go back we noticed the gauge pegged over to H. So we limped to the mall instead and parked it a while. It cooled off some, but was also sitting in the sun, so not as much as would have been ideal. We decided to drive home in stages, stopping off at the Muckleshoot Casino. Amazingly, I won a little money - quite the rare occurrence. The last time we visited, Ted won a decent amount, so that was cool. After a few hours in the parking garage the car was cooled enough that we could make it home.

Which brings us to this weekend, and putting the car in the shop. The verdict is it could be any number of expensive-to-repair things, all of which cost more than it is worth putting into a car that has been limping along for some years now. So... time to get a new car, of one sort or another.

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