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the usual discouragement

Been watching what I eat and working out for about a month and have gained just shy of 20 lbs. This isn't likely to be 'lean muscle mass', either, because my clothes are tighter, not looser.

I've been logging diet and exercise using a tracking program, and it was just so cute to see the vaguely bewildered sounding message about how based on all their calculations I was taking in fewer calories from diet and expending more in exercise, but had nevertheless gained weight.

I get so angry about this I want to break things, or worse. The only thing I can do is leave it alone, though, and try to pretend things will stabilize in the longer run. Past evidence implies that will be the case, especially if I stop focusing on details of the moment.

Damn it, though, I'd really like to give up the position of poster child for YMMV.

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