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Green - Jay Lake (possible spoilers)

I've been stalling on reviewing this novel because it got so thoroughly inside my head. It is one of two novels in my life that I have sat and immediately started over upon finishing; the other was American Gods by Neil Gaiman. So I want to be clear up front that no matter how strange what I have to say about Green may sound, I recommend it, I loved reading it, and I am truly looking forward to the promised sequels.

The dedication states that this is Lake's daughter's story, with embroidery; it is mine as well. Not because I share Green's circumstances exactly, nor do I really descriptively resemble the protagonist much at all. I was, however, trained despite my will or desire in all things domestic by those in authority in my life, because they saw it as my station. I possess a vast fund of homemaking skills in whose pursuit I am utterly uninterested and rarely use as a result. I was first and foremost a womb, destined to be a wifeandmother and assured that really, eventually I'd come around and want to be exactly that. Just wait.

Forty-three years later I'm still not interested in reproduction or servitude; oddly enough I knew my own mind. So watching Green pursue her chosen path instead of the one thrust upon her is vindicating, to be sure. It's emotionally wrenching as well - in a good way - to see her have an impact on her surroundings that I never felt or saw I could. And at the novel's close she's less than half my age but has turned parts of her world a good deal sideways, what with parleying so much with gods, and all.

It's just strange to have a stranger get so thoroughly inside my head. I'm acquainted with Jay, and certainly count him as a friend, but we aren't the sort of close where he would know all my intimate internal details. If anything this is a little awkward, as it makes me feel like we are better friends than we actually are... I don't mind, but he might. :)

The novel is amazing, the world is lush, the story is engaging and the whole thing haunts my dreams. If I'm biased, so be it, but I definitely recommend Green as worth your while.
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