Joy (cithra) wrote,

next up: the cruelest month

March 'went out' like a lion for me, in the sense of a bad breakup with screaming fits and furniture breakage. Yesterday's culmination of failed cooking/arson attempts - boiled a pot dry while steaming a tamale, carbonized a sheet-pan of fries to just short of actual flame - and a meltdown at the gym (I foresee having to explain yet again that I am not there for weight decrease, I am there for fitness increase and if you frame it in terms of the former even jokingly you are pushing big red nuclear ballistics launch buttons: file under Not Helping) left me frustrated and angry. Thus I was strongly tempted to be antisocial and ditch my Norwescon plans for the weekend. However, by dint of self-appointment to the position of Narrator for an experimental recounting of my attendance via social media (breaking the Twitter silence, even) I've convinced myself not to spend the weekend under a rock cursing my involuntary membership in the human race.
Tags: angst, anthropology, community, mental health, sf general, twitter

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