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fit(ness) the first

Last night Ted and I went to our first workout with the personal trainer. It went really well, and I think this is going to be a really good investment. Not only did she address the questions I always have at a certain point - what next beyond treadmill and elliptical? How to use the free weights properly? but she confirmed several things I had suspected about my "form" that I wasn't doing quite right in the upper body exercises. And corrected, and corrected, because that's part of the reason I wanted to work with a trainer. I have spent a lot of time disconnected from parts of my body, so often it takes a lot of description, and sometimes even hands-on demonstration so I know what a move feels like before I can get it.
Today I feel good, energized - although waking up at 3am isn't really a side effect I anticipated. I doubt it will last, and I may nap later today... Ted seemed pretty enthusiastic about the experience, so I think we can keep each other on track - I need a partner for those moments when I feel like leaving the house is too much effort, but if I've made a promise to meet someone then I will go so as to not let them down.
I feel like I'm finally starting to get my life back together, after about seven years of -- what? lets just call it troubles for short -- and the fitness thing is a major part of it. Why I didn't see that before now is just my baggage/issues/etc. but I am hopeful this will help both my mood and health improve.
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