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I had to laugh at the commercial for Group Health where the doctor makes some claim about secure online health records obviating some plot development he was consulting on. I was just in for my physical - in the Swedish system, which I trust a good deal more than GH, and they've managed to do fairly well in their computerization of my health records, but. Meaning that out of the fifteen years of records they had to scan in for my files I only noticed five or six major omissions...

Speaking of which, I had my tetanus booster shot, and I guess I just need to plan for reacting to immunizations when I get them. The fever has broken, but my arm is still stiff, though not as bad as it was yesterday. Nausea last night snuck up on me when I tried to leave the house, and I was pretty much useless for the whole day. I remember my arm being sore in 1998 when I had my last booster, but nothing as severe as this. I got a clean bill of health - barring something funky coming back in the bloodwork, which is a possibility of course.

I have requested a forbearance on my student loans, that will help the financial crunch a little.

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