Joy (cithra) wrote,

Yesterday was one of those days that leave me feeling deeply ambivalent. I got lots accomplished, but don't have much to show for it, yet. My emotions don't necessarially seem congruent with the situation, which adds to my frustration and discomfort - even success seemed to chafe, somehow. Today is another day, thankfully.

I talked to all sorts of people on the phone, for example - and hell, maybe that's part of it, since I'm rarely comfortable doing that even when it goes well - and I've now got all my post-treatment therapy and medical appointments lined up. I called a friend from Michael's House I've been trying to get in touch with and finally connected, with mixed results; I called someone from my phone list and left a message on their machine.

One of the more disturbing calls was with my mother, who wants to undertake an expedition via transit that I think is pretty clearly physically beyond her, and I wasn't able to convey my concerns successfully. That one is a train-wreck that I'm really uncertain about how it's going to proceed, yuck.

I also had a disheartening book-selling experience, where I took a bunch of first edition hardcovers in and didn't get much in the way of recompense, but needed what they could give me enough that I couldn't refuse the deal. So my babies went on the chopping block unappreciated and for cheap... AND I still had to borrow money to get the prescription filled that I needed.

On the plus side I got a letter written and mailed, read Jim Butcher's latest Dresden novel Turn Coat and enjoyed it a great deal even though I did peg the criminal mastermind from the moment they walked onstage, went to a good step-study meeting and came home with a new friend and a copy of the sixth edition of the NA Basic Text which someone else paid for on my behalf.

Today looks to be some domestic errands, and maybe a late showing of the Star Trek movie or something from SIFF. Now I go make coffee, which will brighten my mood for certain.
Tags: books, na, recovery, ten-ton phone

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