Joy (cithra) wrote,


Taking with a older friend of my mother's about the place she's moving into - "is it run by foreigners?" she asks me, as a diagnostic. "Um," I say hesitatingly, "I don't know what you mean by foreigner, I don't think so". "So the woman who runs it is Caucasian?" she persists. I start to repeat that I don't know, then she adds "her eyes don't slant do they?" at which point I just say "Her name is --, I think she may be Romanian..." and blessedly the conversation moves on.

Never mind the fact that someone from Romania is likely from closer to the Caucasus (and actually being Caucasian) than my conversation partner. I'm still boggling at the casual prejudice.

I always hope my little acts of guerrilla language usage - I knew what she meant by 'foreigner', I just wanted HER to think about what she meant by 'foreigner' - aren't as useless and pedantic as they seem.

Damn tribal social primates.

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