Joy (cithra) wrote,

Supposedly I'm automatically importing posts to Facebook now, so this is sort of a test.

That's sort of boring by way of news, so a quick update is in order.

Daniel and I are working our way thru my mother's storage locker, making really good progress. We will have the two lockers consolidated by the end of February. Then we need to go over the list of items with my mother before we throw it all in a U-haul and drive it to North Carolina for her. Once we are on the east coast, the plan is to fly out to France since airfare is cheaper from there than Seattle. That should be early April, more or less.

As we have been bringing furniture and things over to the apartment the place is beginning to look less like a hotel room and more like a home. I'm actually getting a chance to organize stuff that has been hanging fire for years, which feels really good.

I'm happier than I've been in years in spite of all the crazy-making stress.

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