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Happy Birthday paulcarp!! - Terrafactive Armageddon

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January 29th, 2009

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11:39 am - Happy Birthday paulcarp!!
Plus a quick update.... in the form of an alphabetical set of answers!

A is for age - incremented by Paul
B is for boxes, we're filling them all
C is for cat, who it seems has gone deaf
D is for Daniel now sharing my bed
E is for everything strewn on the floor
F is the fear it won't fit out the door
G is the greatness of year '66
H is for homing or location-fix
I is for irksome, which moving just is
J is for Joy, organization whiz
K is for keeping my sanity, just
L is for (follow the rhyme, if you must)
M is for Mother, the core of the storm
N is for North Carolina, her home
O is for over - pray this will be, soon
P is for packing (yes, you know this tune)
Q is for quit, which I am not allowed
R is for Raleigh, and Ralphs in a crowd
S is for settled, the ultimate goal
T is for Theodore: heart solid gold
U is unsettled, and not just in place
V is for variable notions of space
W waits, though my patience is thin
X is the ballot I've got to send in
Y is for yowling, the cat's latest fun
Z is for Zen, which I've had to become.

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