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Hi ho, coffee after noon - well, would you look at that, it's 3 a.m. That's why I love the weekends... Ok, to be honest it was more like 'coffee after 8 p.m.' because, damn it, I like coffee. McJulie would say that tars me as a goth no matter what colors I'm flying... but I think part of why she keeps that in her definition is to keep Corey out of it. Works for me.

ah, but the weather today was lovely. I didn't take a coat this morning, because I wanted it to rain. It was perfect walking rain, too - gentle, warm, just a touch of breeze to bring the scent of damp earth. I was wandering around with a silly grin on my face because of it - a nice change, indeed.

Things to do: there's an exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum involving tattoos that I intend to visit tomorrow after breakfast. Breakfast itself, of course. Dancing, ce soir. Perhaps a Quest for Mylar, depending on how butch I feel. My attendance at the Pride Parade has been sporadic over the years - this year I neither have plans to or not to attend, specifically. Something with Garyq? I remember the phone call, but not the decision.

That's probably enough randomness for the nonce.

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