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interesting times

This weekend has been ...interesting, in the most flexible sense of the word. I'm feeling vaguely guilty about schadenfreude, but not so much as to impair. Mostly I am feeling relief and gratitude, and a bit more trusting of this mysterious higher power of mine.

The short version of the first part of the story is we had 3 women get kicked out/asked to leave the sober living house. Two were kicked out for getting drunk, and the third is leaving because of related but not using circumstances. The schadenfreude comes in because two of the three are roommates who were driving me to get the hell out of here. With them gone, I feel like I don't have to move out after all... which is actually cool, because I hate moving.

The short version of the second part of the story is that after vowing to relax and not stress about my money situation ('turning it over'), through the beneficence of faintheart and sculpin among others I'm better off than I was worried I was going to be. Especially since it's the Ramen Days of the month. [That's the last week or so of the month when you only get paid on the first, when you are out of money and so all you have to eat is ramen noodles, by themselves.]

So I'm not only good right now, I'm remarkably so. oh, and Yay Lisa (& Jon) for the arrival of Derrick!! whee!

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