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I have an appointment Wednesday to sign the lease for the apartment I mentioned a while back. It's in West Seattle still, down by the 'new' police precinct and the Home Depot that used to be a Kmart. I'm going to need to hire movers, any recommendations are welcome.

Watched the first of the Sarah Jane Adventures last night, along with the new BSG episode. It was really quite delightful - very kid-friendly yet but still engaging. Sarah Jane has some fairly poignant things to say, at times. If Torchwood is Dr. Who plus one unit of darkandsexy, the SJA is Dr. Who minus one unit of darkandsexy.

Apparently for the foreseeable Fridays I'm going to be watching television - it looks like the lineup on SciFi is going to be Sara Jane, Dr. Who (season 4!), and Battlestar Galactica. Damn it, I'm clearly going to have to get cable for the new place.
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