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what's been goin' on

Well, at least this time I have a better excuse for my silence. My laptop is in the shop for repairs. It's all well and good to be fond of things that start with c, but one can safely combine them only up to a certain level of proximity. When the coffee is lapping gently at the computer's case, a Bad Thing has officially happened. Sigh.

That means I have to borrow my mother's machine to do anything much online - no way am I typing major posts on my cell phone, trend or not - which involves some schedule juggling and a fair bit of inconvenience for both of us. After the last couple of times of something like this happening I have most of the things I find useful (bookmarks, for example) uploaded or backed up in iGoogle/Gmail.

It's an older machine, though, and not exactly a speed demon, and now I'm getting whiny, so I'll move on to a different topic.

I got a letter from one of the housing wait-lists that I am on that I'd gotten to the top and could now submit my application proper; this makes me happy and relieved. In order to move, I've been culling my belongings pretty ruthlessly, so I returned William James' Varieties of Religious Experience to the library so I can finish the stack of unread books I have and decide which get to stay. I'm about halfway thru Steven King's On Writing, which while he claims it isn't a memoir, is a memoir. A very fascinating one so far as well.

Watched the teaser programs for the new season of Battlestar Galactica last night, and was smacked upside the head with the realization that yes, this Friday night is April 2008 and the long wait is over. In other news of SciFi Channel keenness, April 11 brings The Sarah Jane Chronicles, as in Dr. Who's Sarah Jane, hurrah!

Still no new sponsor, but several folks have tendered the idea of looking for someone from the SF fannish community. It's a great suggestion, and I'm working on how to do it within the bounds of AA anonymity. So I'm putting the word out into the aether, thusly, as a start.

In short, things are looking up. Perhaps April isn't always the cruelest month; I suppose I'll find out shortly.
Tags: aa, books, computer, misc, recovery, sf tv

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