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various miscellania - Terrafactive Armageddon

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March 18th, 2008

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08:11 am - various miscellania
Sometimes the morning cup of coffee just hits the spot perfectly. Doesn't matter what method I've used to brew it, apparently. This morning I took my first sip and it was like the sun returning from behind a cloud. A very heart-felt ahhhh.

Belated birthday wishes to rjl20 and bookish_girl_ & early ones to erdnase2000 and any other March folks. My mother's birthday is the 26th and she will be 82.

Still waiting to from the Pioneer Housing folks, but I did talk to the coordinator directly instead of having to leave a message. He said he's got nothing right away, but to keep checking back. I'll call again Friday per instruction.

I'm about 2/3 through Iain M. Banks new novel, Matter. I'm really enjoying it; it's like cake - I could just inhale it, but I've been putting it aside every so often to digest. And because I don't want it to be over as fast as it would be if I just let myself get sucked into a reading fugue. I'm still working my way through William James The Variety of Religious Experience. Not exactly what I was expecting, but fascinating just the same.

The AA conference last weekend was at least an order of magnitude more interesting than I was expecting. Still kind of weird, though. Lots of people mention the sense of belonging and community they feel almost immediately when they get to AA. I have experienced that sense of community, but not in AA. Instead I feel it with fellow SF geeks. Hell, I noticed it at the writer's retreat, thinking at one point how oddly comfortable I was with a group of relative strangers. I realized it's because even though I didn't know them intimately, they were/are my people, part of my tribe (to steal a term and run it thru the metaphor mangler). In contrast, I'm never entirely relaxed at an AA meeting. I may get there but I don't have that instant camaraderie.
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