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torture, again

The Torturer in Chief of the United States, George W. Bush (pause to wash fingers and keyboard), has once again acted to prove himself the craven bully and vetoed the legislation that would have banned water torture as a U.S. interrogation technique. Of course in his argot it's called something more innocuous.

As for that, Edward Hirsch had some choice things to say.
(via Dan S., Slactivist, & paulcarp):

(My apologies for any formatting mistakes.)

A Short Lexicon of Torture in the Eighties
by Edward Hirsch

That’s not a man in pain

but a Brazilian phone—

It won’t be making any outgoing calls.

That’s not a woman sprawling on the floor

But an old-fashioned dance,

like the tango.

Pull up a chair with a knotted rope.

Let’s have a tea party with toast

and hors d’oeuvres.

Let’s take a seat

on the parrot’s perch.

Let’s rock to the Motorola with headphones.

Do you want to bathe

in the porcelain tub?

Do you want to sing to the little hare?

Let’s stroll over to the guest room.

Let’s take a bus ride

to the San Juanica bridge.

Forget the ovens and smokestacks.

Forge the rack and screw,

the tiger’s cage.

We’re celebrating a birthday party

in your honor.

We’re lighting candles on your favorite cake.

We’re taking you to a parade

on a sandy beach.

You’re going down in a submarine.

Edward Hirsch, “A Short Lexicon of Torture in the Eighties” from The Night Parade. Copyright © 1989 by Edward Hirsch.
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