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back from RWV

I'm back from Lake Quinalt and the writer's retreat. I wrote a fair bit, out of which I will cop to about ten good words. You begin to see why I tend to self-identify as a poet.

I also worked on a couple of short story fragments I'd started then let lie for a year or so. The good part of that was enough time had passed for me to read them quasi-objectively and I thought they sounded pretty good. The not-so-good part was having forgotten where the hell I had been going to go with them, not having appended any notes or the like. I can figure it out; they'll go where they are meant to - but I've also started keeping better reference notes for that sort of thing.

It was a grand time, I got to put faces to names and meet new people (many of whom are here on LJ). The weather was decent, the scenery was gorgeous, the conversations were magnificently wide-ranging and entertaining, and unless a meteor falls on my head or something equally dire prevents me, I plan to return next year.
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