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Tired. I hope it's not the creeping crud in nascent form. Saturday… - Terrafactive Armageddon

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February 25th, 2008

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08:26 pm
Tired. I hope it's not the creeping crud in nascent form.

Saturday I went to the Northwest Garden Show with my mom. I don't garden myself, but I like looking at other people's gardens, and I enjoyed seeing the quite elaborate displays. Lots of vendors, too, some of which I was a little surprised to see and wondered just what the connection was - jewelry? but not apparently made from anything unusual. It was still fun to look at. I got some lovely vegetable-dyed washable silk handkerchief-scarves.

Yesterday I had an interview at the Athena Oxford house in Lynnwood, but was not voted in. I'm not too surprised, actually, based on how the interview went. Back to the drawing board.

Just finished reading John Barrowman's autobiography Anything Goes - it's very entertaining. I'm tempted to get the abridged audio book from iTunes simply because he reads it himself. But I'm happy I have the print edition, since he doesn't read the footnotes, and they are hilarious. Especially if you've ever done musical theater. Recommended.

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