Joy (cithra) wrote,

Bablylon 5 JMS script books update

Ah, change: the only constant in the universe.

FYI: I just got my Volume 13 of the set of J. Michael Straczynski scripts to the TV series Babylon 5. This is the 15 volume set where #15 is only available to people who have bought 1-14 entire.

If you are collecting the series (or are planning on getting them all in one great batch at the end) you should be aware that there has been a change in procedure for making sure you get your exclusive Vol. 15 when the time comes.

Volumes 14 and 15 will now be shipping together. As a result, there is a proof of purchase form that needs to be filled out BEFORE submitting the order for Volume 14. It includes your current contact information and the purchase order numbers from your prior orders for the first 13 volumes. Not to worry if you recycled all your receipts, as you can get your PO numbers from CafePress if you need them.

The instructions and the form (and a worksheet to help) are all available at the website: . It's pretty painless, or at least I found it so. There is a slightly different process to follow if you are going to order all 14/15 at once, so I recommend checking it out. The entire set goes poof after 31 May, 2008 - that would be the limited edition part - and Volume 14 comes out in March (I started to write "next month" but it isn't quite February yet, just) so the End, as they say, Is Nigh.

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