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a couple of minor observations - Terrafactive Armageddon

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January 23rd, 2008

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09:03 am - a couple of minor observations
Working my way thru the DVDs for Season 3 of Doctor Who in an attempt to see them all before this Saturday and the new season of Torchwood and/or making some kind of attempt to get ahold of Season 4 - which SCIFI claims to probably be broadcasting some time in the future but refuses to get concrete wrt schedule.

I've watched thru 42, so that's half-way, and I think my favorite so far is Gridlock, of all things. Mostly because of the background - well, and getting to see the Face of Boe again. But I love how the New New Yorkers are about relationship permutations - first of all, the Brannigan couple, cat person Thomas Kincade Brannigan and his human wife as Valerie, and their litter of 2 month old kitten-children; not really what I would call a traditional relationship. A few moments along we see Mr. Brannigan insist on referring to an older married female couple they are friends with as "the Cassini sisters" - how typical is that? He's part of an interspecies couple, but still gets the embarrassed titters over two women married to each other. It all goes by in the background, but it's the kind of touch I love. "We're not sisters, we're married!" retorts the driver in the Cassini vehicle, as the story moves on...

The other thing was that while poking around trying to find some info about Season 4 and possible broadcast on this side of the pond was being reminded why I don't read the forums at SCIFI - or much of anywhere, for that matter. All the negatives of Usenet, plus an inability to cope with change without a huge amount of grief and griping. No matter what was rumored, a resulting clamor went up to heaven. I'd blissfully forgotten the rampant egoism, entitlement, and sheer volume of complaint generated in response to each new tidbit of information. Bleah.
Current Music: Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I) - Yaz

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