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Mostly what I've been doing at the moment is trying to find information on why I can't get my bluetooth Jabra BT5020 headset to work with my Verizon LG-8550 phone. Rumor seems to have it that this particular model headset does not play well with LG 8xxx model handsets, although it does beautifully with a number of others. The reviews on are almost evenly split between praise to high heaven and people who wouldn't piss on it to put out a fire. Only one bothered to report that it wouldn't work with his wife's LG 86xx phone but worked delightfully with his non-LG model I've forgotten.

So I may have a headset to unload here shortly. Can't return it because the original packaging has been destroyed and sent off to the trash heap.

It isn't more trouble than it's worth, but it's a damn sight more trouble than it needs be.
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