Joy (cithra) wrote,

a political announcement

AAAS has set up a website to track the positions of the 2008 candidates for US President on Science & Technology.

From the site:
Why the Candidates Should Care
Science and technology (S&T) play increasingly important roles in our society and for those who govern. From energy policy to the environment, from health care to economic competitiveness, and from science education to immigration, S&T research and its products are critical to many issues on the agendas of Congress and the Executive Branch. Yet, very little of the campaign coverage and candidates' discussion focuses on S&T issues.

In response, the AAAS Center for Science, Technology and Congress, with support from the Lounsbery Foundation, has created this Web site as a resource on candidates' S&T positions, and to provide the research community with a vehicle for informing the candidates on emerging S&T issues.

The Web site includes news updates, highlights of and links to candidates' S&T statements and positions, links to other S&T presidential projects, reports, surveys, and events.
I mean, if we are going to have "litmus tests" for candidates, surely this set of issues is one of the more appropriate.
Tags: politics, science

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