Joy (cithra) wrote,

Quiet weekend; yarn work, meetings, and Dr. Who DVDs. I've been re-watching various episodes with the commentary tracks plus the Dr Who Confidential disks. Oh, and David Tennant's video diary, if only because his natural accent and his freckles are so cute. Another bonus was finally learning why the Headmaster in the episode School Reunion looked so damned familiar - it was Anthony Head, late of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's early days where he played Giles, the Watcher.

I was having the worst time with the scarf I was trying to work on last night, though. I had to frog it twice: once because it was slowly getting wider, and once because it was slowly getting narrower. *rolls eyes* That's what I get for trying something new like half-double crochet instead of plain old single.

cjot & uly stopped by for a quick visit yesterday as well. They brought me Ikea chocolate, which was quite tasty.

Today's slate includes a visit to the orthodontist this morning and IOP this evening. What an exciting life I lead...
Tags: recovery, teeth

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