Joy (cithra) wrote,

sneaky snow

When I looked out the window around 3 a.m. everything was covered with a light dusting of snow - yard, road, trees - maybe .25 inch if that. When I got the paper at 5 it had melted from everything pavement, and it was raining. Now I look out and it's simply raining. I wouldn't have guessed there had been an interlude of quiet snowy beauty if I hadn't seen it myself in the wee hours.

Edited 8:12 a.m. Well, I have to take some of that back. There is still some snow patchily occupying the grassy areas of the yard, but the pavement is clear. I wonder if we will get any more today - I've got three conflicting weather reports from three different services telling me snow, rain and mixed. Whee!

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