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Apparently Google Ads equates Vermont and mildly schizophrenic politics at the moment. Or maybe it's shopping. I got a customer service email from the Vermont Country Store after placing an order with them. Here's what I get offered over in the sponsored links column:

Why Mommy is a Democrat -the book George Bush doesn't want your kids to read! Only the one?

One World - a New World Order could arrive almost overnight. Because the Illuminati also control FedEx, natch.

Who Can Defeat Hilary? - Governor Mike Huckabee. Conservatives Find Their Candidate. If you say so. And if you call the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey method "finding".

Ann Coulter's Column Free - Get Ann Coulter's weekly column delivered to you Free via email. For a brief shining moment I hoped this meant she'd choked on her own bile and we were finally free of her column, but no.

Impeachment of Cheney - Better World Links Informations (sic) and Resources Linguistic diversity is thriving as usual.

Mimi scrapbook totes - Fashionable, Functional, Fun! Styles as unique as your memories. This is the most relevant of the links, sad to say.

Free Mitt Romney Book - Get your free copy of Hugh Hewitt's "A Mormon in the Whitehouse" I wonder how many of these have been distributed? I wonder how much additional political junk-mail you are unwittingly signing up for if you request one?

Maybe the algorithm is keying on Country instead of Vermont. It's still sort of dizzying.

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