Joy (cithra) wrote,


Well, I tried to post about this earlier (1:30 p.m. or so, toda-- uh, yesterday) from my phone but no luck. I saw something really cool on my way to the bus this afternoon: a bald eagle. It was chasing and being chased; chasing sparrows and pigeons, being harassed by crows and patently ignoring them. It was amazing. 35th and Henderson, in West Seattle.

I started by noticing this cloud of birds swirling around, then I saw that one of them was MUCH larger than the rest. Then it swung around into the light so I could see the white head and tail markings. Meanwhile the crows were yelling and dive-bombing, and the eagle appeared long-suffering. Then it disappeared. Go figure.

I had heard that there was a pair of eagles in the neighborhood, and thought I'd seen one several times in the past year. This was the first time I could make an absolutely positive ID, though.

Wild life; cool.

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