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Yesterday grouchychris and I went geocaching in the… - Terrafactive Armageddon

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October 31st, 2007

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06:45 am
Yesterday grouchychris and I went geocaching in the neighborhood. We found two of the three caches we were looking for, but one of them eluded us. It was in an area of a park with a fair bit of unrepaired storm damage, and it failed to occur to me at the time that perhaps something had happened to obscure or destroy the cache. I haven't checked the web page for the cache yet; grouchychris was going to log it as 'not found' so I didn't bother to duplicate his effort.
The main thing I learned from working through The Artist's Way is that apparently I simply can't get religion, even if my creativity is its focus. I finished the reading the book a while back, and I managed to keep doing the morning pages for the duration, although they read suspiciously like my journal. *shrug* I had less success with the artist dates, although I think I managed at least 7 out of the 12 weeks, so at least it was more than half the time. I never got any profound revelations, although I did get some insight into how I mentally model the idea of 'creativity' and what exactly "being an artist" means to me. I started to bog down at week 9.

I am not overly surprised, on reflection, that my notion of what "a spiritual path to higher creativity" is doesn't include much in the way of higher power or a definitive "creator" with which I am trying to connect, or that the author's concept does. It's the same problem I ran into in AA, or very similar.

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Date:October 31st, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)

I hear ya!

apparently I simply can't get religion, even if my creativity is its focus

I get a lot more out of things like Nanowrimo, where nobody talks about "spiritual paths" or whatnot -- the focus is on what you do, not on what your experience of doing is.

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