Joy (cithra) wrote,

It's amusing to me how often books I reserve from the library arrive in clumps. Heck, maybe the delivery system is designed that way. It just makes for a feast-or-famine scenario; either I've got a stack of three or four waiting, or weeks go by with nothing.

My secret trick (not so secret any more, granted): check out the large print editions. They're usually available with less demand. It's actually sort of a nostalgia trip to read them as well - when I was little my grandmother lived with us, and she'd get the large print editions of the Reader's Digest, and I'd read them. If it was there, I read it, pre-digested or no.

Hmm. It sounds a lot stranger than I ever thought once it's out of my head, in print. Well, I never claimed to be normal ab ovo.
Tags: books

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