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the latest plan

So as I'm sitting around, reading about people's plans for Burning Man and thinking how cool it sounds if it wasn't for the size, I find myself toying with the idea of organizing my own damn event. I imagine the difficult thing to do would be to balance size with cost. I might be able to come up with the seed money from... well, lets just say I might have some seed money and leave it at that. Granted, there are extra logistical problems that arise from having an outdoor/camping venue rather than an indoor/hotel venue, but they are obviously surmountable or there wouldn't be the proliferation of festivals there seems to be.

Hmm and hmm. Certainly bears continued cogitation, I think. Plus I'm always much happier organizing this sort of thing than just attending, anyway. All about having a role, I can do damn near anything as long as I have a role to justify it.

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