Joy (cithra) wrote,

Finished A Betrayal In Winter by Daniel Abraham. It goes a long way for me to say I enjoyed it and the way it ended even though what I was hoping to happen didn't. The story went a totally different direction than I had thought it might. Now I must wait for the next one (it's a quartet, as if you couldn't tell from the titles) which I believe will be called An Autumn War.

Have read but not actually begun any of the projects in the Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: the Happy Hooker. Largely because there are too many that I want to do, I'm having trouble choosing a starting point. Yarn, I need more yarn - but who doesn't?

Oh, and I finally watched the movie Navy Seals because it was free, and because I was curious how it would compare with Suzanne Brockmann's portrayal. All I can say is, for a team dedicated to stealth these guys made an awful lot of racket. But I suppose you wouldn't really have an action movie if your guys just snuck in, got the job done quietly, and snuck out again without firing any weapons or breaking radio silence. I did like the HALO insert, and the bits with the pagers were funny, if somewhat cruel. Also, without knowing her real height, they managed to make Joanne Whalley(-Kilmer, at the time) look remarkably short, so much so that I didn't recognize her until the credits rolled.
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