Joy (cithra) wrote,

musing, with sniffles

Anybody know if making it a pain in the ass to buy pseudoephedrine has actually had any useful effect in reducing the number or effectiveness of meth labs out there? Or is it something like having to provide picture ID to get into the Federal Building - they look at it and hand it back, and you've proved ...that you have an ID with your photo and a name on it. Hell, the name is probably even yours, but it isn't as though they do anything with the information. It's just a hassle, but at least Something Is Being Done. I suppose it slows people down a few moments - long enough for their stuff to go thru the x-ray machine - but it is not the same thing as making sure everyone in a badged environment has proper ID. But that appears to be the parallel that is being assumed.

I've done a little Googling without much success - lots of articles and such on the requirements of the sales restriction but no follow-up reports, so my keywords are obviously off.

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