Joy (cithra) wrote,

le weekend

Saw and liked Minority Report. Speculation ensued as to whether channeling Stanley Kubrick might have settled Mr. Spielberg down some from his tendency to make every ending all fluffy-bunnies happy. I'm not sure; this movie still had a pretty upbeat ending, complete with a fairly obvious break where it could have ended and been much more ambiguous. I haven't read the particular short story upon which this was based, so I can't speak to the accuracy of reproduction. It was certainly a much better adaptation of Phillip K. Dick than some.

Got to hang out a fair bit with Ulysses and Carol - I'd been missing them, it was good to get back in touch. We had an impromptu reading party with selections from A Primate's Memoir and the Character of Cats and played Scrabble - house rules being use of the OED as the standard, but no obsolete or archaic words allowed. Highlight of the game was the challenge of WERE by a somewhat cold-befuddled player. "It's a prefix!" Carol won, of course - I have a kick-ass vocabulary but tend to get caught up in making cool words with low point values; Carol is a master at making squares of multiple words for upwards of 50 points or so. I refuse to memorize lists of words or word-stems, so I'll never be more than a 'living-room' player. Then we watched some Monty Python because the 'splunge' skit had come up during play, and a couple of us had not seen that particular episode.

Talking computer shit with Ulysses reminded me that I've been reading a book on Data Communications at work (hey, at least it's vaguely work related; moreso than some) and really enjoying it. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't give the whole programming thing a miss and see how I like the hardware end of things. Not that I really have to do one or the other right this minute...

Now it's time for another exciting work day - relieved only by a dental appointment in the afternoon. Teeth cleaning and the presentation of my proposed course of treatment - including (I hope) how many zillions of dollars I'm going to be spending on crowns.

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