Joy (cithra) wrote,

not the right kind of curly

I was in Lush last Saturday, chatting with the manager as I checked out, and I mentioned that I was excited by the immanent release of their new product Curly Wurly - a conditioning shampoo particularly designed for curly hair. She enthused, she'd been using some pre-release samples, and she gave me a little pot to try. Alas, the experiment has not been a success.

I forget that my hair, while it is indeed curly (moreso the longer it gets, so at the moment it's mostly wavy) it is far finer than most curly hair. So the wicked powerful cocoa butter-coconut butter-avacado butter-jojoba oil weighs my hair down and almost straightens it, although it is starting to curl up some now that it's been dry for a while. It looks greasy enough though, that it's hard to tell I have indeed washed it.

However, the deal-breaker is the scent, which is obviously for people who like the smell of coconut far, far more than I do. I'm just happy I found this out from a free sample pot than the full-price tub. canyonwren, I think it's more your speed in terms of the type of curly hair they had in mind. I'm going back to my Godiva or I Love Juicy, at least until the next new product release.
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