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Caitlin R. Kiernan - Daughter of Hounds

The "New Books" shelf of the Southwest branch of the library is good to me - I walk past it after picking up my reserves and books like this leap out at me. I understand this is a sequel, but I didn't find that out until after I'd finished DoH; the novel stands quite handily on its own. I'd read her book Silk ages ago, and then somehow managed to sleep through the publication of her next four novels.

Very well done, and I'm delighted to find out there are more Kiernan novels to ferret out and devour when I get tired of technoromatic thrillers.

Speaking of, the rest of my latest are more of Suzanne Brockmann's: Out of Control, Ladies' Man, and Prince Joe.

I'm also just getting started on Mary Stewart's The Wicked Day.
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