Joy (cithra) wrote,

Talk about a nostalgia trip: faintheart and I re-watched Wargames this afternoon. Matthew Broderick looks so young! Ally Sheedy looks so young! Michael Madsen looks so young! Yep, Mr. Blonde himself is one of the men in the missile silo during the opening scenes. According to IMDb it was his second movie - I completely didn't recognize him until I saw him in profile.

Ah, 1983 - the whole movie is a paean to a bygone age. We sat and pointed at all the things that have since passed away: look! a rotary telephone! A dot matrix printer! A military base with only flimsy chicken-wire fencing at the main gate that can be easily crashed through by four people in an open-topped jeep! And not a graphical interface to be seen, just the cool green lines of ASCII on H19 terminals, or something very like.

Although I tell you, what made me laugh the most was this exchange over Professor Falken's obituary:
Jennifer: He wasn't very old.
David Lightman: No, he was pretty old. He was 41.
Jennifer: Oh yeah? Oh, that's old.
I'll be 41 in a matter of weeks. Heh.

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