Joy (cithra) wrote,

not safe for work

Elective cosmetic vaginal surgery: revirgination.

From the site:
Like a virgin...

When Jeanette Yarborough decided to give her husband a gift for their seventeenth wedding anniversary she wanted it to be special. Really special. She decided that conventional treats such as Mediterranean cruises, gold watches, cars, a murder-mystery weekend, or even a boob job just weren't going to cut it. She gave him something much more personal and painful. Her virginity.

Well, sort of Mrs Yarborough paid $5,000 to a cosmetic surgeon to stitch her hymen back together so she could lose her virginity all over again and her husband would have that thrilling conquest at the grand age of 40.

Let's run that by again, shall we? She gave him something much more personal and painful. So her husband would have that thrilling conquest at the grand age of 40. Later she calls it the ultimate gift for the man who has everything.

The only possible benefit this could have that I can see is that if virginity isn't something that is gone when it's gone, irrevocably; if it becomes something "restorable" maybe we will finally see a stronger cultural shift toward it no longer mattering. I doubt it, though, because I thought we'd shifted that way enough that this sort of insanity wouldn't appeal.

It's elective female genital mutilation, on tap at a cosmetic surgeon near you. I'm starting to come around to Twisty Faster's view of how fundamental rape is to this culture. This woman paid $5500 and underwent the dangers of surgery and general anesthesia to have a little flap of skin restored just so her husband could rip her open again. For the thrill of the conquest. If that's love I want nothing to do with it; how nauseous.

At least the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists are warning against the procedure.

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